About Us

BIA is a community organization that provides food and other assistance to residents of Bethel, CT who are in need.


Brotherhood in Action came about as a common interest of three religious fraternal organizations: B’nai Brith, Freemasons and Knights of Columbus. It originated because of the awareness that people had common needs regardless of their backgrounds, and help was provided in similar fashion regardless of background. Members of each of the organizations realized they could leverage their support by banding together while still remaining true to the principles of their individual groups. They also found that they could meet and work with neighbors they might not meet in each specific organization.

Over a 25+ year span in Bethel, the common interest has matured to a separate non-profit organization known as Brotherhood In Action of Bethel, Inc. This non-profit corporation is federally recognized as a tax-exempt organization. Its governing board is made up of members of Eureka Lodge, Freemasons, and Pavia Council, Knights of Columbus.  We welcome everyone in the Bethel community to work with us, and serve all who are in need.

Brotherhood In Action receives community wide support in the form of food and other household items, toys and clothes, and monetary gifts. It organizes food collections and deliveries to individuals and families in need in Bethel at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Throughout the year, BIA also provides food and other assistance to families weekly when the need arises. In other communities, this story might be considered unusual, or a one of a kind event. Not so, in Bethel. It is an example of what goes on continually; and what makes Bethel the desirable community it is.
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